City Attorney


The City Attorney is the chief legal counsel to the City and directs and supervises the City Attorney's Office. The City Attorney represents the City, the City Council, the City Manager, the department heads and divisions of the City, all Boards and Committees, in legal matters affecting the City government.


Management responsibilities include maintaining close liaison with the City Council regarding all legal matters relating to or affecting City Council policies.

Legal responsibilities include:

  • Defending or prosecuting, as legally required, all civil actions and proceedings in which the City or any of its officers are involved. In those matters in which the City is defended by its insurer, the City Attorney monitors and provides input to counsel from insurance company;
  • Providing legal leadership, subject to policy direction of the City Council, to City government;
  • Advising City boards, committees and departments through oral or written opinions, and drafting legal documents and ordinances;
  • Performing other professional legal services as mandated by law; and
  • Studying, interpreting and applying constitutions, statutes, ordinances, court decisions and legal opinions in connection with legal advice, suits, trials, hearings, appeals and similar legal proceedings; and making decisions, subject to City Council's policies, to prosecute, compromise or dismiss civil litigation.

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