Special District

Each special district must post the following information, at a minimum, on its official website:

General Information

  • Full legal name - Joint West Melbourne/Brevard County Community Redevelopment Area
  • Public purpose - Encourage redevelopment along three (3) business corridors, Ellis Road, Wickham Road and New Haven Avenue
  • Boundaries/service area (click on link to “Maps”)
  • Services provided - Redevelop and encourage redevelopment of areas in unincorporated and municipal areas along Ellis Road, Wickham Road and New Haven Avenue.
  • Delegation of Authority Issued by Brevard County per County Ordinance Number 2011-28, which provides the following powers:
    • Name the redevelopment agency
    • Conduct boundary surveys
    • Organize and operate the redevelopment agency
    • Give public notice per the Florida Statutes
    • Make a finding of necessity per the Florida Statutes
    • Determine area appropriate for redevelopment area
    • Approve a redevelopment plan
    • Issue redevelopment bonds
    • Acquire and dispose of real estate property
    • Create and maintain redevelopment trust fund, and appropriate funds and expenses
    • Distribute redevelopment information
    • Arrange and request federal financial assistance
    • Obtain property insurance
    • Solicit requests for proposals for property redevelopment
    • Develop, test and report results for redevelopment of slums
    • Assist with relocations of displaced families, persons, companies as a result of redevelopment activities
    • Vacate streets, sidewalks and other public infrastructure and re-route if needed
    • Allow the City to serve as redevelopment agency administrator
  • Enabling legislation - Florida Statutes Chapters 163 and 189
  • Date Established - August 9, 2011
  • Establishing Entity - Brevard County (Charter County)

Contact information

  • Mailing address:
    2240 Minton Road
    West Melbourne, FL 32904
  • Email address - Email Scott Morgan
  • Telephone number - 321-837-7771
  • Website address - West Melbourne Website
  • Registered agent - Scott Morgan, City Manager of West Melbourne at 2240 Minton Road
  • Governing body members:
    • Kristine Isnardi - Brevard County Commissioner;
      490 Centre Lake Drive
      Suite 175
      Palm Bay, FL 32907
      Email Kristin Isnardi;
      Elected official until 2020
    • Hal J. Rose - Mayor of West Melbourne;
      2240 Minton Road
      West Melbourne, FL 32904
      Email Hal Rose
      Elected official until 2020
    • Pat Bentley - West Melbourne Council;
      2240 Minton Road
      West Melbourne, FL 32904
      Email Pat Bentley
      Elected official until 2020
    • Barbara Smith - West Melbourne Council;
      2240 Minton Road
      West Melbourne, FL 32904;
      Email Barbara Smith;
      Elected official until 2020
    • Daniel Batcheldor - West Melbourne Council;
      2240 Minton Road
      West Melbourne, FL 32904
      Email Daniel Batcheldor
      Elected official until 2022
    • Andrea Young - West Melbourne Council;
      2240 Minton Road
      West Melbourne, FL 32904
      Email Andrea Young
      Elected official until 2018
    • Adam Gaffney - West Melbourne Council
      2240 Minton Road
      West Melbourne, FL 32904
      Email Adam Gaffney
      Elected official until 2020

Revenue Information

  • Tax Increment Financing on Annual Basis from Brevard County and City of West Melbourne.

General Financial Information

  • Fiscal year period (October 1 - September 30)
  • Tentative budget (listed under Budget hyperlink)
  • Final adopted budget (post within 30 days after adoption)(listed under Budget hyperlink)
  • The following link to the Department of Financial Services website so the public can view the special district’s Annual Financial Report: Financial Report (required by Section 218.32(1)(g), Florida Statutes) City of West Melbourne Annual Financial Report 2018-2019 (CRA Related Information) (PDF)
  • The final, complete audit report for the most recent completed fiscal year, authorized by the governing body of the special district is under the Finance Department


a. A link to generally applicable ethics provisions (e.g., include a link to the Florida Commission on Ethics website with instructions to select "Ethics Laws")