Community Vision

The City of West Melbourne envisions itself as a place where community members of all ages can interact as true members of a small town, participate in a variety of community events, relax in peaceful public spaces, move easily throughout the community in a variety of ways, benefit from a diverse and prosperous economy, and receive exceptional public services.

The development of a Town Center along Minton Road which contains many civic uses would contribute to achieving the community vision. This section of the West Melbourne website is dedicated to providing all the information and documentation related to the Town Center project. The city is reliant on developers and others to help achieve a town center vision.  For inquiries related to this project, please email the West Melbourne Planning and Economic Development Department

This Town Center initiative is not to be confused with the private development known as the "Space Coast Town Center", which envisions itself as a mixed use development and not a town center in the sense of integrated public and civic uses with private residential and non-residential uses. 

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Status of Zoning & Comprehensive Plan Changes to Encourage a Town Center & Road Changes

On January 27, 2015, a number of citizens attended a workshop and provided their input on what land uses and activities they would like to see along Minton Road. The American Planning Association volunteered for a week in January to help City staff in preparing recommendations of changes on how the city could foster a town center atmosphere. The American Planning Association is still working on their recommendations and these will be presented to City Council in the upcoming months.

Staff worked with the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council with a grant from the State of Florida in 2017. One decision that City Council made was to prohibit gas stations along Minton Road, in that portion from Helen Street (Lowe's traffic signal) to the I-95 overpass.


In 2018, staff created a set of zoning requirements to accompany the identification of the Town Center area on the City's Zoning Map.  The Town Center overlay district contains requirements for the types of uses desired and the general external appearance of developed properties. 

City staff continues to meet with County staff to promote installation of a sidewalk along Milwaukee Avenue and a careful analysis of the types of improvements needed along Minton Road to not only disperse vehicular traffic but to encourage pedestrian and bicyclists along Minton Road.

AUGUST 2020 Update

Staff worked with the county to conduct a corridor study to determine if 6-laning of Minton Road in the segment from Helen Street to the I-95 overpass could be averted or if not, postponed beyond the County’s 2026-2030 timeframe of possibly widening Minton Road from 4 lanes to 6 lanes (p. 170, “2040 Long Range Transportation Plan”). 

The Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization and the City of West Melbourne hosted virtual public meetings to discuss the Minton Road Corridor Study. Citizens had the opportunity to explore the project, get more information and provide feedback via a website.  The project was then submitted to City Council and is now referenced by the TPO in their long range planning documents.  As the road improvements to keep 4-lanes but add bicycle and wide sidewalks could cost over $13M, the county does not have this project on their capital improvements plans.

february 2024 UPDATE

A replat of the commercial property at the southeast corner of Minton Road and Heritage Oaks Boulevard has been submitted, however, the developer must install the town center features of artwork, a pond fountain, widening of the Minton Road sidewalk, and a decorative metal picket style fence.