Minton Road Development Update

Minton Road Development Update

Update on development of private properties along Minton Road

There are five sets of development that are occurring within half (1/2) mile of the public schools:

1.  Heritage Pointe - Properties at the corner of Minton Road and Heritage Oaks Boulevard - The property located on the south side of Minton Road has a 49 unit single-family  residential community close to Brookshire At Heritage Oaks and with retention ponds and possibly commercial at the corner.  There is currently no commercial project submitted for the southeast corner of this property, but there has been recent renewed interest.

Facts of the Development

The property has two zoning districts with the front portion along Minton Road still being zoned Commercial Parkway and the back portion along Heritage Oaks Boulevard and Brookshire zoned residential.

Heritage Point Proposed

The entire site is less than 20 acres, and even though the entire site has been cleared to create the large retention ponds (see photos) and the  49-lot single-family subdivision currently exists, nothing has been proposed yet for the commercial half of the site.

Heritage Point Aerial

2. Grace Church - A new church now exists south of Wesley Groves. Grace Church is a congregation that is on the west side of Minton Road, north of Fell Road with a 15,000 square foot church to accommodate their 400 parishioners. The church is civic minded and will be supportive of planning efforts for a town center.

Grace Church Site Plan