Space Coast Field of Dreams

Space Coast Field of Dreams

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Space Coast Field of Dreams is an all-accessible sports complex and playground that encourages a meaningful recreational experience for children 12 and under and adults with special needs.

The park was founded on the dream of one man, Jim Tapp.  Jim started his career as a New Jersey firefighter and retired in Brevard County.  During a visit to New Jersey he saw a baseball park that was built specifically for children of all types and disabilities.  He witnessed firsthand the fun and joy by kids and their families, and he knew he needed to establish a park like this near his home in Brevard County.  This experience started his journey to bring this park to reality.  He hit many road blocks along the way while trying to raise money to build the park.  He would pitch his idea to anyone who would listen.  Finally, after many years of trying, his perseverance paid off.  He met Brevard County Commissioner Robin Fisher.  Robin took Jim's dream to the next stage of reality.  With the assistance from Brevard County and the City of West Melbourne, the land for the park was obtained.  In addition, Robin's drive and determination convinced our local State Representatives to allocate $3,000,000 of the state's budget to build this one-of-a-kind sports park.  Space Coast Field of Dreams is the first park in the State of Florida built entirely for children and adults with disabilities, which was inaugurated on January 5, 2016.

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