Is a permit required for my project?

Most people are aware that building permits are required for new commercial buildings, tenant build outs, construction trailers, parking lots, temporary power poles, new homes, solar, mobile homes, room additions, and in-ground swimming pools.

Unfortunately, some realize only after work is underway or finished that a permit is needed for other projects, such as:

  • carports/garages
  • fences
  • sheds
  • re-roofing
  • window replacement
  • door replacement
  • garage door replacement
  • above ground swimming pools
  • A/C change-outs
  • electrical work
  • plumbing work
  • gas piping and connections
  • generators
  • fire protection systems (alarms, sprinklers, stand-pipes)
  • walk-in coolers
  • low voltage wiring

The list above is not all-inclusive. If you have specific questions regarding what requires a permit please contact the Building Department at 321-837-7776, or by email at

Projects started without a building permit can result in greatly increased costs, delays and even removal of structures. The structures may be placed in the wrong location, or they may not comply with building codes.

The Florida Building Code, 8th Edition, requires that a building permit be obtained prior to construction, alterations, repairs and relocations. A property owner or contractor who starts work without first obtaining a permit could be subject to a penalty of up to four times the sum of all fees as determined by the Building Official.

The permitting process allows a determination that improvements such as pools, screen rooms, sheds, garages and carports comply with setbacks that specify where structures can be placed on a lot.

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